Bezos’ space flight


Jeff Bezos in his Blue Origin PHOTO/News Asia

world’s richest person dreamt of going into space,

when he was five

who can stop the richest person to realize his dream?

no one …

after 9 hours his rocket will lift off

to reach an altitude of over 100 km

he’ll be fulfilling his own dream,

at the expense of millions of dreams

  • dreams of small business owners whose business he snatched slyly
  • crushing little dreams of his workers by not paying decent wages
  • he’s enemy of people and the state for not paying taxes
  • taxes that could be of immense help to initiate so many programs…
  • to fulfill so many dreams …

in multiple petitions, thousands pleaded:

Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth

a good idea, but not a very practical one

the minute Bezos announced his space trip, I thought:

“someone could hack his rocket computer and let him stay in space”

after several years his body could be recovered from space

and his brain could be studied as to …

why was Jeff Bezos so, so, so, greedy

why was he so insensitive towards his workers

who had to pee in bottles

or had to wear diapers to relieve themselves

a new disease would then become identifiable

maybe a cure would emerge …

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