Inspiring architecture projects built on sustainable design


Powerhouse Brattørkaia, by Snøhetta, is one of our picks of five inspiring examples of sustainable design for Earth Day 2021PHOTO/Ivar Kvaal

April 22nd is Earth Day, an annual event that promotes environmental awareness throughout the world. To mark the occasion we’ve chosen five inspiring architecture projects that we feel are excellent examples of sustainable design.

We’ve picked a selection of recently completed projects that we think are genuinely sustainable here – so we’re not including supertall skyscrapers, for example, even if they do produce a lot of energy through solar power, because they require a huge amount of concrete and steel to produce, which in turn produces massive amounts of CO2.

Concentrating on finished builds only also means that we’ve not been drawn in by ambitious concept ideas from the likes of Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio, or projects that are still to be completed like the stunning Tao Zhu Yin Yuan twisting tower from Vincent Callebaut.

We’ve also tried to steer away from the really high-profile projects like, say, BIG’s CopenHill and Foster + Partners’ Bloomberg HQ. So we’ve attempted to shine a light on the builds that might get a little less attention, relatively speaking.

Without further ado then, here’s our choice of five inspiring examples of sustainable design.

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