Propagation Of The True Seed

By B. R. Gowani

Bengali majority wanted equality
Punjabi minority refused
Autonomy was denied
Secession efforts began
Evil Oppression was the answer
With whatever means available
Torture and murder were rampant
Victims in hundreds of thousands
Unforgivable violence spread extensively

Pakistani women were from the eastern wing
Pakistani soldiers from the western wing
The soldiers were indoctrinated:
Bengali women are not true Muslims
Culturally they were close to Hindus
True seeds of Islam must be implanted
So the soldiers went on a rape spree
(Both Hindu and Muslim women were violated)

The Question is:
How is it possible, that these soldiers,
Many of whose forefathers were Hindus,
Possessed the “true seeds” of Islam?

The Possibility:
True seeds were infused in them
From a sperm bank in Mecca,
Allah bestowed at inception of Islam

The Dilemma:
Did the violated Hindu women
Become true Muslims
Without reciting the Shahadah:
“There is no god but Allah
And Muhammad is His messenger”?

(On December 16, 1971, East Pakistan became a sovereign country called Bangladesh)

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