Comely yet Maligned

By B. R. Gowani

I am comely and useful
I drain out the refuse
I give rest to the feet
I lend support
To lower inner/outer coverings
I provide aesthetic pleasure

Yet I am mistreated and maligned!
Jokes are made about me
Vulgarity is heaped upon me
Abuses are showered upon me
Many teachers whip me
So do many parents
For no fault of mine

You call me “seat of learning”
then you blow my brain out by thrashing!

The common angry phrases one hears are:
“I’ll kick your …”
“Move your …”
“Pain in the …”

You make me suffer
You hurt my feelings
You give me black spots
You expose me to protest

But wait a minute!
I will remind you my worth

Imagine beauty without me?
Imagine sitting without me?
Imagine dancing without me?
Imagine my absence during pleasure time?
Imagine covering the most revered parts
without my help?
Imagine holding on to your pants
without my support?

O human race
I plead you with my two moons
Respect me
Handle me with care
Veil me with cotton
Look after my hygiene
(Use water, not paper
for a fresher, cleaner me
and a better environment)
Expose me not to humiliate
But to revere

O humankind!
Be grateful
I exist

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