Thus He Spoke

Itar-Tass / Landov
Pink writing appears on the leg of 9-month-old Ali Yakubov. His parents say verses from the Quran appear and fade on the baby’s body.

By B. R. Gowani

The Supreme Being
Loves and wants people to
Remember, worship, and obey Him
So He performs miracles
But always on the wrong people

People of Dagestan
Part of Russian Federation
Are depressed and disheartened
With the Russian government
And the Islamist separatists

The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Decided to uplift people’s spirit,
But also to warn
He chose Ali Yakubov’s right leg
To convey His message:
“Be thankful or grateful to Allah”
Like the United States
Allah is unilingual
So the message is in Arabic
The only language He knows

(What a pity!
He won’t survive
In today’s multicultural world)

One wonders why:
I am a thief
I am a CIA agent
I am a womanizer
I am a blood sucker
I am an unjust ruler
I am a murderer of my own people

Never appears on foreheads of
Karzais, Shahs, Sultans, Zardaris, Emirs, Mubaraks, …

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