Pyaasa – Jinhe Naaz Heh Hind Par (Where are those who are proud of India?)

This powerful song, “Where are those who are proud of India?” by Sahir Ludhianwi is from the 1957 film Pyasa. Mohd Rafi is the singer and the music is provided by Sachin Dev Burman. The director, Guru Dutt, is also the main actor. This movie is included as one of the 100 best on the Time magazine best film list. The role of Gulabo, a sex worker, played by Waheeda Rehman, was based on a real life character of the same name whom writer Abrar Alvi met while on a visit to Mumbai. In his words: “As I left, she thanked me in a broken voice, saying that it was the first time that she had been treated with respect, in a place where she heard only abuses. I used-her exact words in the film.”

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