South Asian Workers in South Asian Stores

By B. R. Gowani

South Asian store owners in the US
Have many role models
Of the exploitative US variety
And have many dreams of becoming
Rich and powerful

So they’ve become ruthless
And are merciless with their workers

Workers work without overtime pay
And with very little base pay
And are exploited to the to the maximum
Just one illustration:

Stages of urination

Check there’re no customers in store
Check the washroom is vacant
Check there’re no cars in parking lot
Run to the restroom
Start unzipping while running
Then start the process

Meanwhile the door detector announces
Customer’s arrival

Grab the calm soldier
Hurriedly push him in
The covered area of the base
While sprinkling drops of holy water
Here and there
And rush back to attend customer/s
Once the store is customer-less again
Run to wash the hands

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