Musharraf’s Musical Masti

By B. R. Gowani

Rome was burning
While Nero was playing the fiddle
Some truth and some not…

Rome was burning, that is true
but no music was playing then
though he knew the lyre and was a singer

Like other Roman Emperors,
Nero was cruel and merciless
During his heinous reign
Christians were thrown to the dogs

In 64 CE
When 25% of Rome burnt to ashes
And 50% was badly damaged
Nero could not have been fiddling;
There were no fiddles then.

Musharraf’s policies set Pakistan on fire
True it continues to rage on …
Not yet under control
He is playing the tabla and singing songs in England,
where it appears he’ll be the Queen’s guest for a while

If he returns to Pakistan
And the judiciary proves stronger;
Then shed no tears for him
For the military will ship him out for medical treatment.

Rest assured no one can touch him,
He is of the military elite
And no such fate as Z Bhutto can be allowed.

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