Viewpoint [on Selective Reporting]

Sonja Kakar, in her article, described it as deafening silence. What lies behind this phenomenon? There was a live report on Al-jazeera and written reports in Palestine Chronicle and Al-manar. It could be that there were reports and that I missed them but I listen to the Beeb’s World Service and I heard not a word, not a peep. Hundreds of people from Britain drive thousands of miles, through seven different countries, one of which, historically, opened a border which had been closed for fifteen years, for one hour, to allow this convoy through and there was not a word by the BBC, not that I heard anyway. What is it that silences powerful media?

Another event which poses a question is, of all the places the convoy passed through, the only trouble they encountered was in El-Arish in Egypt, on the border with Gaza. It was, apparently, blamed on “locals”, stone-throwing Egyptian youth but I’m not entirely convinced. My question is, are there, or were there, Israeli settlers in that area? It’s just a thought. Can Israelis, unlike the people of Gaza, come and go freely in Egypt?

On reading the Al-manar report on saint George and his convoy, which I sent her, Missy said in an e-mail, “I wish the US had a Galloway,” to which I replied, “everyone should have a Galloway, maybe then the world would be a better place.”

Is anyone else disturbed by this control of so-called “powerfull” media?

Worse than that is the eagerness world leaders have shown to send their youth to wars in foreign lands, as well as pouring unbelievable sums of their tax-payers money into such wars. Is it down to greed, power, or the belief that the US and Israel should have power in the Middle East? Which poses another question. What’s in it for them?
So many questions. Maybe I should just shut up and swallow all the BS…
Ingrid B. Mork

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