Iceland: A Role Model

By B. R. Gowani

Lesbians and gays
Have always been there
Sometimes accepted, or ignored
Mostly harassed, or persecuted
We are all humans, homos or heteros
Heteros prefer certain geographic location
More than the other
Homos visit the other location only
Unless bisexual
Lesbians ignore the bloody organ
Unless bisexual

Just for this slight difference
Religions and custodians of morality
Inflict wrath, incite revulsion
As if the world will come to an end
Without understanding the simple truth
Different people, different desires
Different needs, different chemicals
If pleasure is derived from one’s own gender
Where is the harm?

Amidst this backdrop
Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir
Is great news and an inspiration
To millions of gays and lesbians
One hopes, the next country to elect a gay or a lesbian
Would be Pureland or Land of the Pure
Pakistan –
Sorely in need of such a revolution

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