By Ingrid B. Mork

I have three “beefs” right now..

One: I read recently of Clinton`s anger with Israel over their hinderance of the delivery of reconstruction materials for Gaza. Where were the woman`s expressions of anger over the Israeli slaughter of civilians, men, women and children in Gaza??

Two: What right do the Israelis have to any say in the reconstruction of Gaza? What right do they have to anything at all to do with Gaza? What, or who, gives them the right? First it was “divide and rule,” now it is “destroy and rebuild.” What next, I wonder.

Three: I`m sick to death of the finger pointing, the constant demonizing of Hamas by so-called “civilized” dignitaries, who do not have the right to point a finger at anyone. If they took the time, and had the guts, to speak to Hamas, they might learn a thing or two, providing they opened their minds and left their own sense of self importance at home for once. Do they never stop to wonder why Hamas is so revered by their people. If I can see it, why can`t they. Their oppressors build walls to contain them, so they break down the wall. Their oppressors make it impossible for them to break down the walls, so they dig tunnels. They should be lauded instead of being demonised.

So many people everywhere are suffering. No one talks about problems anymore, everyone just reaches for guns and weapons. State terrorists labelling those who resist them as terrorists. Is it just in the years since Bush took office that the world has gone crazy or has it allways been that way? My own theory is: it began with the advent of Zionism.

Ingrid B. Mork

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