Just A Few Thoughts

By Ingrid B. Mork

I watch Aljazeera a lot..
In the last episode of Inside Story, the debate was about the US, China, and economy.. One of the panelists, a guy called Max Kaiser, speaking from Paris, made a rather interesting observation. He said that those who tried to subvert US interests had US marines turn up to “sort them out,” Saddam Hussein of Iraq was invaded, captured and beheaded, then the finger started pointing in the direction of Iran, with the sanctions and the threats. I don`t think his observations were so far-fetched. There was the air strike on Syria, a cross border raid on a village in Iran, on the border with Iraq and, more recently, an air strike on a convoy in Sudan. No-one is sure who carried out that airstrike, the US or Israel, to me it`s immaterial, they have the same agenda and have no qualms about doing one another`s “dirty work.”
Now there`s talk of putting troops, whether British or American, into the Gaza Strip. Now, I`m not naive, and I doubt very much that the troops would be there for the benefit of the people of Gaza. I think it may be the gas fields off the coast of Gaza which are probably of interest to the US, the UK, Israel and Egypt. There is also some very nice real estate which is probably of interest to the Israelis, once they`re finished appropriating what they want of the West Bank. Of course, I could be wrong, could be I`m libeling decent caring people, but I doubt it.

Ingrid B. Mork lives in Norway and can be reached at ingridbm.mrk279@gmail.com

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