Happy Columbus Day

Germany abstains from
Hitler Day
(Hitler the liquidator
Of Jews, Gypsies, and others)
Because it lost
The Second European Global War

Pakistan has no
Tikka Khan Day
(Tikka Khan, the “butcher of Bangladesh”)
Cause in 1971,
It lost East Pakistan,
(Later Bangladesh)

India has no Modi Day, yet,
Modi, the murderer of Muslims
Is still in power
Seven years after his horrible crime

“From here one might send,
In the name of Holy Trinity,
[Father, Son, and Holy Spirit]
As many slaves as could be sold…”
Thus said Columbus of Native Indians
In the year of his Lord 1948

And the Trinity helped him

The slaves were brought to Spain
And slavery became
A source of income
For the discoverer

The population of Tainos
Was reduced from 250,000
To just a few
In a span of 100 years

Tens of millions of Natives died

The major beneficiary:
The United States
Celebrates this day unfailingly
The surviving Native Indians
May not like it
But we are in the land of the Super Power
So Happy Columbus Day!

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