Hey Joe, wish you would …


Joe Biden, when he was vice president of Barack Obama, sleeping during Obama’s speechPHOTO/Daily Mail

hey Joe, where are you, man?

do you remember you’ve to beat Trump?

Obama, Perez, Clyburn, … used secret schemes to help you

so much politics was used to oust Sanders

now that you’re the Democratic Party’s presidential choice

it’s no good hiding or sleeping or dodging the arena

Trump’s been fighting for a 2nd term since his move into the White House

Trump is a brave soul; even during the pandemic he’s crusading

his duties don’t allow him to leave the White House

he risks lives of his followers instead, in asking them to go out and protest

he orders them to “liberate Michigan,” “Minnesota,” “Virginia”

we’re not asking you Mr. Biden to go out and liberate Delaware, etc.

we only want you to liberate the workers of Amazon

go to the Amazon warehouses and ask the workers to quit

bring Amazon to a standstill and let its stock price drop

see how Jeff Bezos will come to you, on his knees

he’ll not only raise their pay but will also give them health insurance

(without workers, Jeff Bezos or any other billionaire is handicap

Bezos have made many more billions during the pandemic! )

you’ll have the progressive votes and many volunteers for your campaign

we know, it’s just a wish because you’re a corporate lackey

unable and unwilling to be the true democratic leader

the people have entrusted and elected you to be …

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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