Trump’s deadly election strategy

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when Trump tweets, the fools follow him blindly

although … sometimes it’s the other way around

when his followers act foolishly, Trump supports them with tweets

LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment [to bear arms]. It is under siege!



above are the tweets on 8/17/2020 from the President’s account

many of the 50 states are under stay-at-home orders

due to the tragic and deadly Coronavirus pandemic

the US has seen over 700,000 cases & over 37,000 deaths

in these deadly times, Trump incites his fans to rebel

Trump never declared a nation-wide shutdown

he and many Republicans are worried about the economy

so each state is acting on its own to manage

his right-wing fans in Michigan broke the stay home order

many drove in vehicles to the capital Lansing to protest

blind/deaf COVID-19 virus wouldn’t know they are Trump backers

any of these machos could contract the Coronavirus

none of these would get the care their inciter has at his disposal

Trump’s purpose of inciting his supporters has another angle

he’s preparing his supporters for election day riots

on 11/3/2020, he just has to tweet: the elections are rigged

it can turn into a civil war, election postponement, …

in the ensuing chaos Trump may declare an emergency

or in the worst case scenario,

a martial law can be declared by the US CIC

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