Kshama Sawant vs Amazon’s Jeff Bezos


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Kshama Sawant, a socialist, fights for common people

Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, lives just for himself and his giant dreams

the bully billionaire Bezos wants to suppress Sawant

Sawant is a City Council member in Seattle, Bezos’s hometown

her plan to ease the city’s homelessness was by taxing large companies

which was about to become a reality when Bezos crushed it mercilessly

in 2019 local elections, he gave $1.45 million to political action committee

the PAC is called Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE)

it was the largest sum ever given in local elections to beat the progressives

half a million dollars on Sawant alone, the most visible progressive face

Sawant was getting money from the common people, including unemployed

one was from Grand Rapids, Michigan – who sent in $200

on behalf of his boss, Amazon’s Aaron Toso had this excuse:

“We are contributing to this election because we care deeply about the future of Seattle.”“We believe it is critical that our hometown has a city council that is focused on pragmatic solutions to our shared challenges in transportation, homelessness, climate change and public safety.”

“pragmatic solutions”? absolute bullshit

last year Amazon didn’t pay a single penny in tax

Savant survived the election – thanks to her average people support

after Sawant’s victory, CASE’s executive director said:

The business community stands ready to work with the new Seattle City Council — just as we have partnered with elected leaders to support a regional approach to homelessness, to advocate for more transit, and to add resources for affordable housing.”

“How our local government chooses to partner — or create division — matters.”

how much can you trust the PAC working for Amazon and other big shots?


but can Sawant win the next election is a question to ponder

billionaires don’t want any kind of redistribution of wealth

whatever happens to the majority, they just don’t give a damn

Bezos asked another billionaire Mike Bloomberg to run for president

so that the billionaire assholes‘ wealth remains untouched

Bloomberg had declined but then decided to run as a Democrat

Sawant is a great human being and a brave politician

but we need many more Sawants, Sanders, and AOCs to win

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