Enemies of people, nation, democracy


IMAGE/Institute for Policy Studies

3 have more wealth then the bottom 50% of the people in the US
i.e., Jeff Bezos, Bill gates, and Warren Buffet = 160 million people
25 billionaires = 178 million people
400 billionaire = 204 million people

most of the money sits in offshore accounts
even though most of the money is made out of US people

19% people in the US have zero or negative wealth
insecurity, desperation, uncertainty gnaws them

super rich have no love for the common people
else they would invest their money in creating jobs

they use United States as a hotel
where they stay without any affinity

these people are harmful to the democracy
because they constantly widen the gap between the people

English social reformerJeremy Bentham‘s philosophy was

“it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number
that is the measure of right and wrong.”

government has lost the power to control these wolves
so these wolves are calling the shots
which is a dangerous trend emerging around the world
this will lead to more death and destruction

solution: governments need to think seriously about this menace
and should take steps which could arrest this loss of power
it should minimize to the maximum, the happiness of these filthy rich
and should distribute the remaining happiness among the 204 million people

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