COVID-19 is turning us back into humans


the capitalists introduce new cell phone models every year

it’s the same with cars, TVs, computers, etc.

they want to sell all these to you

they want you to buy, buy, buy, buy

most of these things cost a great deal of money

the trouble is where do we get the money from

just 2,153 people have more wealth than 60% of the world

they face no government restrictions on how much they can charge

they give you a whole lot of things on credit

the only thing they expect from you is to pay them the interest

they don’t want you to pay back the principal amount

for if you do that, then you’re out of their debt trap

they want you to keep borrowing, and keep paying interest

for that you have to work, work, work, work …

and for your convenience, many stores remain open 24/7

in case at night you run out of underwear

this is the power and the spell of the capitalist system

companies produce things many times over than what’s sufficient

a human being is turned into an impulsive consumer and a work horse

people buy things much beyond what they need or can consume

this creates more waste, pollution, obesity, stress, health problems, …

The tug Break of Dawn hauls a barge full of Long Island garbage off the coast of Key West, Fla., on May 3, 1987. PHOTO/Dick Agnew/AP/New York Daily News

the dog existence left no time to think and care for their family

nobody could stop this greedy/crazy race for consumption

and then came COVID-19, a very non-discriminatory disease

still, most victims are the poor and minority communities

due to congested living, poverty, official neglect, inequality,…

Coronavirus forced governments to lock-down cities, states, countries

this provided billions of people an unimaginable life-time gift- TIME

TIME to be with their families, and through social media with others

in the new normal it could be that …

4 to 5 hours of work 3 to 4 days a week be enough to survive

provided greedy businesses change in wake of COVID-19 …

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