Race for the White House a la Walmart Black Friday


PHOTO/Huffington Post

2020 US presidential election will determine

whether United States ill continue the Trump shit*

for now Trump has only one opponent from his Republican Party

why are there no more Republicans running in 2020?

one reason is the President’s popularity with his base

another is the fear of facing Trump’s vicious attacks

the Democrats, on the other hand, have entered the arena in dozens

and there is the Starbucks guy who’s in the race too

making it look less like a race for the White House

and more like shoppers at Walmart, on Black Friday, no less

these are the most candidates in forty years

but, why is this so…?

the Democratic Party establishment & corporations want no real change

hence, candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have to be stopped

because they will upset the status quo in favor of the poor …

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