Bezos should agitate for the living; not for the …


World’s richest man Jeff Bezos in front of Blue Origin’s space capsule PHOTO/Daily Mail

his grandchildren and their grandchildren bother the Amazon chief
i.e., whether the earth will be sustainable for them, and, in brief

for human beings, he’s working to build colonies on moon
for Jeff Bezos’ descendants, success will be a great boon

not a very good place” for “heavy industry,” that’s our earth
dirty work can be shifted to the moon, the new pollution berth

earth will become for humans a clean and neat place
cause Bezos has no plan leaving mother earth’s face

Bezos has so much concern for the future generations’ weal
for inhabitants already on this planet, why has he no feel?

Bezos treats many of his workers in his warehouses as slaves
who overwork like serfs and at young age depart for the graves

the world’s richest man’s greed and arrogance have gone to his head
he should treat his workers better instead of seeing them dead

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