Gates loves Windows


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gates and windows have long-established connections
where there’s a gate, a window’s presence is probable
so is the case with Gates and Windows
Gates is an individual who loves Windows
and he loves to sell Windows

he loves Windows so much that he wouldn’t mind committing crimes
not murdering people or such kinds of crimes
but the usual big business crimes of:
killing competition
bribing politicians
tax cheating
“jihad” against GNU+Linux
imposing charter schools
scaring with AIDS

Windows are lifeless; so they’re feeling-less & conscience-less
similar is the case with Gates – but with a slight difference
he has a great attachment to Windows
and never tires from promoting and selling Windows

Gates is happy – exceptionally joyful
because he sees things through his own Windows
everything ugly and painful is not visible
everything profitable and commercial is clearly visible

people can be far-sighted and/or short-sighted
but Gates is simply Windows-sighted

CARTOON/The Hindu/Jaganath

recently Gates read about Modi’s sanitation efforts
and praised the Indian Premier on his blog
that one act alone ensured him unfettered access
and years of mega sales and service to Indian markets

Gates’ Windows barred the following from reaching him:
Kashmiris are tortured, killed, humiliated, terrorized, denied their rights
in the name of “Gau Mata” Goddess Cow, Muslims are harassed, beaten, and murdered
Dalits (Untouchables) still face discrimination and violence


many Indians may not own their own residences
but Gates doesn’t mind providing them with, at least, Windows
(in 2002, Gates gave $100 million donation to Indian government
to fight AIDS – plus $421 million for software development
so that his competitors don’t have to work hard – or work at all)

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