Modi formula: Relieve jet lag with yoga


In January 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the United States President Barack Obama, during the latter’s visit to India. Modi’s suit had his full name stitched a thousand times which formed the stripes of the suit. It was a gift from Ramash Virani (a Gujarati businessman of Indian origin living abroad) costing 1,100,000 lac rupees or US $17,906. On 20 February 2015, Laljibhai Patel (private airline owner and diamond baron from Surat, Gujarat) bought it at an auction for Rs 4 crore and 31 lac (Rs 43,100,000) (US $693,706) PHOTO/NDTV

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, clad in a Tricolour scarf, hailed the first International Yoga Day as the start of a ‘new era of peace’ in June 2015 PHOTO/Daily Mail

when you have captured the office high
your goal would be, of course, the sky
Modi has literally taken that word to heart
and so he concentrates on the traveling part

his goons take care of the domestic front
while Modi goes abroad for Indians‘ pocket hunt
he has visited 35 countries once and 6 others twice
and visiting the Super Power has become his vice

Modi was denied the US visa for Gujarat riots of 2002
but he didn’t hold “grudges,” fumes Bhagwati’s moo
Modi knew that enmity with US is beyond his force
also, a regional rogue he can become through the US source

Modi loves PR selfies and his photos are clicked a lot
China, Brazil, Australia … and many more are sought
it’s a competitive world, so sometimes he has to be rough
to face the camera, he pushed Zuckerberg aside – what a muff

posing for photos, selfies, and travel causes jet lag
which needs to be cured when he’s back in India to brag
so he makes everybody busy by making them join him
in yoga exercises and turning big grounds into a gym

India’s problems are poverty, communalism, and drought*
but Premier Modi has to fulfill his travel route
and several countries to visit before he’s voted out
and several countries to visit before he’s voted out

B. R. Gowani can be reached at

*(The last four lines are based on Robert Frost’s “miles to go.”

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