Palestinians are living the worst of all worlds


VIDEO/Al Jazeera/Youtube
“Palestinians pray over bodies of people killed in the Israeli bombardment who were brought from the al-Shifa Hospital before burying them in a mass grave in the town of Khan Younis, southern Gaza, on November 22, 2023.” IMAGE/Mohammed Dahman/AP/Al Jazeera
“Palestinians conduct a search and rescue operation after the second bombardment of the Israeli army in the last 24 hours at Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza City, Gaza, on November 1, 2023.” IMAGE/Ali Jadallah/Anadolu via Getty Images


Palestinians are living the worst of all worlds:

  • They lost their land to Zionist Jews as in the US style land-grab from Native Americans.
  • They endure South African style apartheid daily.
  • They survive in Nazi German style concentration camp called Gaza.
  • They are colonized by Israel’s racist far right extremist government.
  • Their colonizing master – Benjamin Netanyahu – has God on his “side”.
  • They have US, the world’s supreme imperial power, as their enemy, who supports their occupiers.
  • They have lost parts of West Bank (population 3 million) to
    502,991 (Jan1, 2023) Jewish settlers.
  • They are facing false negative press from the US-led Western news media, the Israeli media, and India’s Modi-controlled media.

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