Crisis-stan “stalwarts” callously push Afghan refugees into Dozakhi-stan


Afghans gather to board buses as they plan to return “home” IMAGE/Reuters/Dawn
“Afghan refugees gather around National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) vans for biometric verifications as they prepare to depart for Afghanistan, at a holding centre in Landi Kotal on Nov 1.” IMAGE/AFP/Dawn
Nangarhar: Afghan refugees sit on a hilltop outside the IOM office as they wait for registration upon their arrival from Pakistan near the Torkham border. More than 250,000 people have crossed back into Afghanistan after Islamabad gave an ultimatum to 1.7 million Afghans it says were living illegally in the country.—AFP/Dawn

Afghan refugees are being forced out of screwed-up Pakistan

their destination: a hell called Afghanistan ruled by the barbaric Taliban

Afghan refugees have played no role in the mess Pakistan is in today

that honor goes to the corrupt & power hungry politicians & the military

of course, the primary responsibilty lies with the world’s greatest culprit

the United States of Atrocities

cruelty is not a domain of any particular religion, ethnicity, gender, caste, …

Pakistan, not a stranger to that trait, is exhibiting it in full glory

In Islamabad, 800 houses have been razed

why? because they belonged to “illegal [Afghan] immigrants”

more than 1.7 million Afghans faced deportation to Afghanistan

many of them have been born in Pakistan

over 250,000 have already left Crisis-stan and are back in Dozakhi-stan

there is no fututre in Afghanistan; particularly for the girls and women

June 2023 UN report:

Afghan women and girls condition is “worst in the world

besides, the economic scene is gloomy, according to the World Bank

the Biden administration refuses to unfreeze Afghanistan’s $7 billion

meanwhile many Afghans are boiling grass to fill their tummies

children are starving and people are selling their kidneys

over 96% Pakistanis are Muslims; more than 99% of Afghanistan is Muslim

the talk of the Muslim “Ummah” sounds good if it’s restricted to just talk …

but when it comes to action, the leaders demonstrate their true cruel nature

compassion for the Ummah is nowhere to be seen

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