Curator’s tour of Tantra: Enlightenment to revolution exhibition at the British Museum

Exhibition curator Imma Ramos takes you on a guided tour of the British Museum’s latest exhibition Tantra: enlightenment to revolution.

00:00 Introduction to Tantra: enlightenment to revolution 00:50 Sacred Texts of Tantra 01:36 The rise of Tantra in Medieval India 03:20 Yoginis and their Temples 05:04 Women as Tantric Practitioners 05:54 Tantric Yoga 06:32 Yoginis as Gurus 08:21 The rise and spread of Tantra 10:11 The use of Human Remains in Tantric Practice 12:11 Tantra during Colonial British Rule in India 13:33 Kali as a symbol of Independent India 14:45 Tantra from the 20th century to today 15:44 Tantra in Britain and the USA 16:22 Kali and The Rolling Stones tongue logo 16:49 Tantra today 17:55 ‘And all the while the benevolent slept’ by Bharti Kher 18:18 ‘Housewives with Steak-knives’ by Sutapa Biswas 18:46 Conclusion

VIDEO/British Museum/Youtube

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