Liar lied, clones clapped*



in the 1970s
someone I know said:
“there are three types of haramis:
maha haramis
nasli haramis”

great bastards
genealogical bastards)

we’re dealing with the last category

same can be said about liars
great liars
genealogical liars

dozen years back
Father lied
vehemently thwarted peace
fanatically pursued war
destroyed a country
killed thousands
imposed embargo
still taking its toll

the Genealogical Liar
lies everyday
but today was a special day
Great Lying Day
once in a year day
reserved for the
Tribal Chief of the Global Village
to inform the Union
(and the World)
as to how much
He has screwed the both

no exaggeration

He presides over
the most Barbaric Country
this earth has ever known

and He Himself?
He is a Planet F—–
in the true sense

He lied for an hour
His cronies
most of them corrupt asses
after every few minutes
(their un-worked hands)
about 76 times
lifted their asses
in standing ovation
about half of the times
38 times!
(the longest respite
in rising and applauding
was when the Liar was scaring
about the current “threat”
and his WMD
“weapons of mass destruction”)

worried about AIDS in Africa
didn’t bother to mention
His nation’s pharmaceutical companies
and its greed for profits and patents

talked about bringing
“corporate criminals to record”
didn’t say who would run the country
if Pres and VP
are in jail

Afghanistan’s liberation
didn’t say how many he killed
turned refugees, etc.

North Korea’s danger
avoided to point out
what the world thinks
as to who is the greatest threat to the world

US’ greatness
homeless and prisoners were missing

health care
patients’ choice
(treatment – if money
death – if penniless)

“secure [?] Israel, democratic Palestine”
He wants security for the Thief!

then Moral Master said:
“ours is a “culture that values life”
then He threatened Iraq with war
and warned North Korea

of course Godji was mentioned too
and “faith based initiative”

on and on he lied

Liar lied
Clones clapped

B. R. Gowani can be reached at

(was written on January 28, 2003)

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