I war, therefore I am


MAP/Green Left

through wars, violence, & destruction, a huge territory was stolen

the Natives tried their best to save their land, but

they were no match against the blue eyed and blonde hair barbarity

so, this bloodied land was used to facilitate my birth

black people were turned into slaves; and whipped into submission

they nurtured my economic progress — it grew exponentially

Third World cheap labor/resources super-enhanced my growth

my unlofty goal since birth, and even before …

was the determination: to rule the world

my birth nature, itself …

is war, vengeance, ruin, sadism, exploitation, greed, supremacy, loathing, …

the world condemns me; holds me responsible for most wars/violence

they’re fools; they don’t understand my makeup

wars: covert or overt; direct or indirect; mild or wild make my DNA

wars: armed, economic, financial, political, diplomatic, … are my genes

how can I revolt against my nature?

I may kill unlimited children in wars — without any remorse

but I’ll oppose tooth and nail women’s right to abort

there are moments when I may not have blood on my hands

that is the time I have doubts of my existence — am I real?

but those occasions are rare; fleeting moments …

because instantly, I remember the millions of suffering victims

of economic blockades, of indirect wars; of wars waged by my minions, …

then I console myself that my wars are ongoing, in many shapes and forms

this assures me that I exist

I war, therefore I am,

my critics, enemies, well-wishers, urge me to adopt the path of peace

they say I am “the most powerful” enterprise on this planet, and

if I wish to do so, I could introduce peace all over the world

I could eradicate inequality and bring happiness on every human face

then there are those who predict:

  • I was born on a land soaked with indigenous blood
  • I have lived creating bloodshed here, there, and everywhere
  • I will die a bloody death

who knows, they may be right about my end

but if they’re right, then let me tell you …

my demise will create rivers of blood because I won’t die peacefully

it’s just not in my nature

I war, therefore I am

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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