You can’t defile and damage a corrupt Congress



on January 6, 2021, white supremacist mob attacked the Capitol

this year same date, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the Congress

“One year ago, the Capitol and those who work within it were targeted in a violent insurrection that sought to undermine democracy.”

“insurrection” means using violence to take over government

this was not an insurrection in any sense of the word

they were abunch of unorganized thugs lacking any coordination

there was no leader – the incting leader Trump was in a safe place

Pelosi added, “this sacred space [i.e., Congress] … was defiled and damaged”

which is one of the biggest lies coming out of Pelosi’s corrupt mouth

there’s nothing sacred about Congress, the US legislative body

Pelosi was asked by reporters about lawmakers while they’re in office

whether they & their spouses should be prohibited from trading stocks

Pelosi’s response was a swift “no,” ” “this is a free market

“We are a free-market economy. They should be able to participate in that.”

Pelosi’s husband, a venture capitalist, holds stocks worth tens of millions

prior information on economy &/or new laws are used for insider trading

in June 2021, Apple’s Tim Cook had called Pelosi and other lawmakers

the calls were made to tell lawmakers to slow down the antitrust bills

the reasons Cook gave were that antitrust laws would hinder innovation

he said customers would be affected adversely — the usual bullshit & lies

Pelosi’s ney worth is $114.7 million plus

plus because in December she made plenty of money

Pelosi, a member of Hizb al-Shaitan, is a corrupt politician

her strategy has always been to not disturb the system

she had refused to impeach George W. Bush for his war crimes

she had whole-hardheartedly supported Bush’s wars, Bush is a Republican

it’s not just Pelosi who’s corrupt, most of the Congress persons are

Congress is a corrupt instituion — it is defiled and damaged

so there is no question of defiling and damaging

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