Dr Gates-enamored media avoid discomfiting questions


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right) receiving a Gates Foundation award from Bill Gates for Clean India Mission PHOTO/Indian Express

Bill Gates is a very popular and a busy person nowadays

reporters & hosts on every medim want his views on Coronavirus

he’s also asked to explain if China was late in announcing COVID-19

(Prashad’s article has everything on China’s handling of the virus

Sonia Shah has written and is writing a great deal on pandemics

but billionaires are asked to superficially comment on these issues

as they are a more attractive breed to cultivate relations with)

CBS, BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, PBS, … everyone wants to hear Bill’s wisdom

Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, & others want to know about COVID-19

he has taken on a mantle of a wise statesman & a great epidemiologist

he has reached this position with some work and a lot of crooked ways

Gates is a “modern day robber baron” with $104,700,000,000

his “monopoly” in computer operating system aided him reach the top

US government helped his money-making through “copyright protection

he then started writing books and initiated philanthropic projects

his money, his power, his deceptive posture of caring for the public

made him the darling of the dominant “fake media,” (Trump’s phrase)

there are so many experts on epidemiology, China, Covid-19, etc

the media people could contact them to shed light on these topics

Bill Gates should be asked to enlighten people on other important issues

such as his friendship with India’s murderous and communal leader

in 2017, while visiting India, Gates praised Modi,

“I can’t think of another time when a national leader has broached such a sensitive topic (open defecation in the country) so frankly and so publicly.”

“What I love most about Clean India is that it identified a big problem, got everyone working on it, and is using measurement to show where things need to be done differently.”

Gates mansion overlooking Lake Washington is worth $100s of millions

the media people should ask Gates to explain some of the puzzling things

why is he worried about India’s open defecation problem

instead of solving the homeless people problem in his own King County?

why give an award to Modi who wants to turn India into a Hindu country

at the expense of Muslims, Christians, and other minorities

instead of giving an award to Sawant who’s fighting for homeless people?

(Sawant is a Seattle City Council member whom Jeff Bezos tried to remove

Bezos, a tax-evader, spent big money to defeat Kshama Sawant

Sawant wants to tax rich people to solve the homeless problem

Gates’s neighbor Bezos is the world’s richest person, Gates is number two)

one can go on and on about issues that these rich people are ignoring

3 Nobel Peace Prize winners have criticized Gates for awarding Modi

they have pointed out Modi’s violations of human rights, democracy, etc.

Gates is one of those fat-cats who doesn’t give a damn about people

the rich don’t do anything where there is no gain: instant or long-term

if Gates wants to do good, why doesn’t he start with his county or country

why travel 7,000 miles, increase pollution, and waste his precious time

it’s the numbers stupid, 1.4 billion Indians, 100s of millions of consumers

that’s what drives Gates to lick Modi’s ass every now and then

just recently Gates praised Modi on his handling of COVID-19

We commend your leadership and the proactive measures you and your government have taken to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 infection rate in India, such as adopting a national lockdown, expanding focused testing to identify hot spots for isolation, quarantining, and care, and significantly increasing health expenditures to strengthen the health system response and promote R&D and digital innovation.”

“I’m glad your government is fully utilising its exceptional digital capabilities in its COVID-19 response and has launched the Aarogya Setu digital app for coronavirus tracking, contact tracing, and to connect people to health services.”

“Grateful to see that you’re seeking to balance public health imperatives with the need to ensure adequate social protection for all Indians.”

Modi is kind of Trump’s younger but even more dangerous brother

a very cruel man who doesn’t like consulting anyone and acts on impulse

a lockdown was ordered at 4 hours notice creating utter chaos and deaths

if Gates really wants to help world’s people in a meaningful way, he can

end the computer operating system patents – and benefit billions of people

as it will bring down computer costs and make it more affordable …

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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