Pelosi’s dangerous clappings her supporters ignored


President Donald Trump (left) shaking hands with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
on February 5, 2019 right before Trump’s State of the Union speech. On Pelosi’s right is Vice President Mike Pence VIDEO/NBC News/Duck Duck Go

Trump presented the 2019 State of the Union

majority of the people in the Union are feeling stagnant

they work a lot but decent life eludes them

Trump’s own union, that is his financial empire, is doing good

Trump began with a message of unity

then axed that unity with his demand for a wall

this is how he operates, nothing new

his call for oneness had a paragraph:

“But we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution — and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise and the common good.”

Nancy Pelosi rose and clapped (at 12:20 in the video)

that clapping got lots of interpretations

most said Pelosi was ridiculing the divider talking of cooperation

Pelosi has become a hero to many Democrats and Trump haters

her daughter Christine Pelosi said:

“She knows. And she knows that you know. And frankly she’s disappointed that you thought this would work. But here’s a clap. #youtriedit”

the tragedy is that most supporters/followers support/follow blindly

Pelosi’s supporters/followers didn’t talk about her clapping at 1:01:20

Trump was talking about Venezuela

(the country with the most proven oil reserves)

he said his government recognizes Juan Guaido as the president

(Trump assured his support to Guaido during a phone call)

whereas the actual president is Nicolas Maduro

European countries were forced by the US to accept Guaido

illegitimate Guaido is thinking of asking the US to intervene militarily

in September 2018, Trump had threatened Maduro:

All options are on the table, every one.”

On January 28, 2019, NSC head John Bolton reminded of “all options

in simple English: US will invade/destroy/kill if Guaido is not accepted

Pelosi was clapping at Trump’s threats

Pelosi’s supporters/followers didn’t talk about her clapping at 1:03:50

Trump proudly announced his mis-acheivement

i.e., recognizing the disputed Jerusalem as the Israeli capital

also opening the US embassy in that city

the US governments have never been very humane to the Palestinians

yet the US governments every now and then showed some empathy

but was not strong enough to counter the Israel Lobby controlled Congress

Pelosi clapped Trump’s transfer of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Pelosi’s supporters/followers didn’t talk about her clapping at 1:02:58

Trump declared that the US “will never be a socialist country”

the United States has never been a true democracy

nor has the US been a full socialist country for all its citizens

it has always been a total socialist country for the extremely rich class

congressional members are bribed to enact laws favorable to that class

which also are beneficial to the corrupt congresspersons

the US government works to enact laws advantageous to the very wealthy

such as copyrights, patents, etc.

corrupt queen Pelosi clapped at Trump’s opposition to socialism

yes, Pelosi’s clapping was meek on Jerusalem, Venezuela, and Socialism

she knows many of her new party colleagues opposes business as usual

youngest congressperson AOC has attacked the Congress corruption

in clear/simple language she explains corruption in 5 minutes

everyone must watch the video, especially the self-proclaimed “patriots”

(AOC’s own party members are planning her downfall)

one example of corrupt queen Pelosi

in 2008, Pelosi and her husband made $100,000 in just two days

they bought stocks in a 2008 Visa IPO to reap that profit

their net worth is $196 million

author Paul Street has an apt description for this corrupt queen:

“[Pelosi is] a poster child for the disease of corporate plutocracy.”

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