Will AOC stand her ground?


HRH the Duke of Cambridge interviewed Sir David Attenborough on day two in Davos PHOTO/World Economic Forum

billionaires meet now and then in different places

non-millionaires are invited too

corporate CEOs, politicians, celebrities, writers, etc.

(May, Macron, Trump didn’t attend this time as their over-smartness

(Brexit, Yellow vests, and Government shutdown screwed them up)


some invitees included those who want change –

but key to change rests with Masters of the Universe –

the shameless, un-caring, pretentious billionaires


world’s richest 26 billionaires wealth = 3. 8 billion people

26 individuals’ wealth equals the wealth of world’s bottom 50%

the masters versus the hoodwinked hard workin


activists are allowed to speak and plan

this time it was Swedish teen Greta Thunberg

with great speech on climate change

speech and plans are accepted if don’t hurt their pockets


the meeting 2019 was held in Davos, Switzerland:

the World Economic Forum, their mission:

“We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.”

the Forum was formed in 1971

the basic goal is welfare of billionaires, nothing else

but this time the conversation was different


they discussed AOC (Alexandria Ocasio Cortes)

her proposal to tax all income over $10 million

i.e., first $10 million taxed at regular rate

amount beyond that to be taxed at 70%


big shots discussed the AOC proposal

most of them laughed it off

they discussed how to evade

so ended facade of “progress and positive change”


will AOC stay her course and stick to that demand

without giving in to the corrupt Democrats of her own party

because 70% or more tax is a good first step

to solving the problems of inequality, poverty, homelessness, and more


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