DMFs want to crush AOC


28-year-old AOC is one of the many newly elected progressive Congresspersons belonging to the Democratic Party PHOTO/Pressenza International News Agency

AOC stands for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

the newly elected Congress member

DMFs stands for Democratic Mother Fuckers

(Democratic Party’s corrupt criminals who work for big corporations)

DMFs wants to eliminate AOC

but why?


AOC is a newcomer

she defeated the 10-term incumbent Representative Joe Crowley

(he was the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House)

AOC won the election without taking any money from corporations

she questions United States’ immoral support of Israel

she wants to raise taxes on people making more than 10 million

(her proposed rate is between 60% to 70%

her simple and humane agenda:

“And the issues I ran on were very clear, and I think it was an important part to us winning: improved and expanded Medicare for all; tuition-free public colleges and universities, as well as trade schools; a Green New Deal; justice for Puerto Rico; an unapologetic platform of criminal justice reform and ending the war on drugs; and also speaking truth to power and speaking about money in politics not just in general, but how it operates in New York City.”

and most importantly

AOC questions her own Democratic Party’s corrupt leaders

raising the class issue is an anathema

for the DMFs, the problem is how to get rid of her

AOC is not Che Guevara whom you could execute

she’s not Salvadore Allende who could be removed in US supported coup

she’s is not a radical revolutionary

she’s fighting the battle in a constitutional manner

but it’s a tough battle

US has two parties

both corrupt to the core

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the corrupt queen of the Democratic Party

Donald Trump is the corrupt king of the Republican Party

they both and their parties’ cronies hate progressives like AOC –

and AOC hates the role of money in politics –

the game has started

DMFs and other Democrats have started attacking AOC

DMFs don’t want AOC to encourage progressives to run for office

Rep. Nydia Velazquez (Democrat-New York) is being used to subdue AOC

(they both share Puerto Rican roots)

Velazuez said: they both had “long, long conversation

she told AOC:

“Washington is a political animal where a lot of the work that you want to accomplish depends on relationships within the Democratic Caucus.”

it is difficult to fight the Democratic machine

in 2016, Hillary Clinton took over the party

and sidelined Bernie Sanders

though Sanders should be faulted too, for not fighting back

what should be AOC’s strategy:

she should join hands with like minded progressives such as Representatives Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and others

then form another party, a third party, which the US needs so badly

only that could change the system somewhat

otherwise those of us who opposed Hillary

in the hope that Trump would fuck up US so badly

that a real revolution would take place …

but the DMCs are a more dangerous obstacle than Trump

it’s almost impossible to even bring some decent changes

forget a real revolution …

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