Will Trump accept 2020 election result?


IMAGE/RTD Daily/Duck Duck Go

will he accept the election result, a reporter asked Trump
I’ll “accept” “if I win,” he farted from the front rump

he became the president of the United States because he won (?)
would his defeat have brought his backers out for rampage fun?

so much harm to people/environment have been done by him
but none of his crimes have forced him to quit, so very grim

Trump‘s power/inhumanity/sadism keeps on increasing each day
unions/workers/nations/immigrants/minorities … are his prey

one rules, other opposes, there are two parties only, you know
the current opposition, DP is busy maligning Russia, the “foe”

if DP’s energy was instead used to halt some of Trump’s crimes
it could have benefited people the world over in these hard times

the devastating effects of “neo-liberalismwithin/without the US are seen
only a drastic change can stop or reverse this monumental tragic scene

unless impeached, Trump is a Republican candidate in 2020, for sure
but if the election goes to the DP candidate, how will he react, this boor?

he has projected minorities as “animals”/”rapists”/”terrorists” and so on
has supported the police and his supporters’ violence like a mafia don

Donald Trump doesn’t like to lose, and would go to any extent to win
does it mean he, with his supporters, will commit the civil war sin?

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