Summit coin will do … until Nobel is awarded


The summit coin, with President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in profile PHOTO/AFP/Getty Images/NBC

the mass murderer Henry Kissinger bagged a Nobel Peace Prize
around 3 million Cambodians/Laotians/Vietnamese were killed
while Kissinger was US National Security Advisor/Secretary of State

the mega-terrorist Menachem Begin was given peace prize too
was involved in bombing government buildings in Palestine
while at that time Palestine was still under the British control

if Trump receives Peace Prize for forcing North Korea to negotiate
what many lawmakers, including Republicans, surmise
that the terrorist, mass murderer, etc. group will be joined by a dork

summit to force N Korea to give up nukes was set for June 12, 2018
between the Beloved Leader and the Supreme Leader
which the Beloved Leader cancelled but then changed his mind

though there is method to madness of US Commander in Fool
but mostly it’s due to unpredictability that rules the roost
is never clear whether the First Infant will desire to fart or shit

so till the Summit actually happens with both leaders present
and a result acceptable to the Nobel committee is garnered
the Beloved Leader will have to be satisfied with the Summit coin

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