Is Trump a complete fascist?


CARTOON/Pierre de Senarclens/Le Temps (Switzerland)/Watching America

factors required for a person to achieve a complete fascist status?

one should be a racist
one should have a big ego
one should be self-obsessed
one should be over-confident
one should be a consistent liar
one should never ever say sorry
one should be an ultra nationalist
one should tolerate no opposition
one should have a fascistic temperament
one should be in control of a friendly media
one should be endowed with an utterly cruel nature
one should have endorsement from religious leaders
one should have a base which blindly follows him/her
one should have a compliant party at her/his disposal
one should have a greedy/selfish rich class on his side
one should have support of a violent/racist police force
one should have at his command a strong/warring/hawkish military
one should possess a demented mind which thinks it’s always right

a bigot behind whom is his base and most of the Republican Party is Trump
a thug who has the support of hawkish military/violent police is Trump
a racist with a big ego who’s self obsessed with himself is Trump
a liar who’s overconfident and would never apologize is Trump
a very cruel person with fascistic temperament is Trump
an ultra nationalist with demented mind is Trump

a case in point about Donald Trump’s cruel nature:
there was no urgent need for Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem
he did it to please the fanatic evangelists at the expense of Palestinians –
about 60 Palestinians were murdered by the Israeli soldiers

Trump has nothing to do with religion/Bible/Jesus
if Trump ever came across Jesus
Jesus who’s not a violent person, according to the Bible
wouldn’t hesitate to pump some bullets in this bigot’s body
(National Rifle Association (NRA) would of course blame Jesus
not the hundreds of millions of guns sold by merchants of death)

but three things are not yet under Trump’s control:
(1) the news media
except FOX (Farts of Xenophobes) TV channel
none of the major channels are supports Trump
(2) the opposition Democratic Party is still strong
(3) the rich class is not totally in Trump’s favor
it’s divided between the conservative and liberal sides
though the liberal side is not too vocal in its opposition
it has benefited from Trump’s reduction of corporate tax from 35% to 21%

conservative or liberal, rich class’s god is money
even if a fascist government, they’ll join it
it’s not difficult to sway the rich class

it’s the opposition which is a difficult thorn for Trump
if he succeeds in getting the Democrats on his side
the liberal media will quietly follow suit

one may wonder is it possible?
well, most people, including Trump, was not sure he’ll win the presidency
but he did
in today’s environment
nothing seems impossible …

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