Cuomo in trouble


“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo looks on as Google executive chair Eric Schmidt, left, talks during the Smart Schools Commission report at Mineola Middle School on Oct. 27, 2014 in Mineola, N.Y.” PHOTO/Alejandra Villa-Pool/Getty Images/The Intercept

Although Trump’s indifference resulted in 400,000 deaths

as he was an uncaring bum who didn’t give people the facts

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo displayed pretentious caring

every afternoon he held long press briefings

and received national and international exposure

in reality, Cuomo is a governor who operates as a gangster

but he was able to escape public scrutiny, until now

in January 2021, trouble sprouted for Cuomo

accused of under-counting deaths by 50% at nursing homes

NY Assemblyman Ron Kim criticized Cuomo for the deaths

according to Kim, he was threatened by Cuomo:

“He spent 10 minutes berating me, yelling at me, threatening me and my career, my livelihood.” “[My wife who heard the conversation,] didn’t sleep that night.”

The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal said he believes Kim

NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who knows the scum Cuomo well, said:

“It’s a sad thing to say … but that’s classic Andrew Cuomo. A lot of people in New York state have received those phone calls. The bullying is nothing new. I believe Ron Kim and it’s very, very sad, no public servant no person who’s telling the truth should be treated that way. The threats, the belittling, the demand that someone change their statement right that moment … many many times I’ve heard that and I know a lot of other people in this state have heard that.”

“It’s just the script, it’s exactly what a lot of us have heard before. It’s not a surprise, it’s sad. It’s not the way people should be treated.”

the FBI/Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s Office is investigating Cuomo now

when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked Biden’s views

she circumvented the query in her soft style – unlike the Trump era

despicable Cuomo pretends he’s a progressive

yet progressives seek his help as they don’t have a choice

actress Cynthia Nixon on Cuomo’s character:

“In New York City he puts on an entire Broadway show to parade around as a progressive Democrat leading the resistance.” “But in Albany he is deftly handing over power to the party of Donald Trump.”

justice would be a solid case against Cuomo

forcing his removal

ending another politician’s fake theatrics

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