Cuomo loves Bezos & Columbus but not New Yorkers


A statue of Christopher Columbus, which was toppled to the ground by protesters, is loaded onto a truck on the grounds of the State Capitol on June 10, 2020 in St Paul, Minnesota. PHOTO/Getty Images/The Hindu
“Two people hold up flags, noting the names of Native American people who have been killed, on the spot where a statue of Christopher Columbus, which was toppled by protesters, stood on the grounds of the State Capitol on June 10, 2020 in St Paul, Minnesota. The protest was led by Mike Forcia, a member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, who called the statue a symbol of genocide. Protesters also called for justice for George Floyd.” PHOTO/TEXT/Stephen Maturen/Getty
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a fake progressive who’s corrupt to the core

each day New York state “rebates about $40 million” to the very rich

a Democrat who supports Republican senators to kill progressive bills

budget deals are a facade carried out among “three people in a room

a powerful Republican, an influential Democrat, and Governor Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo is truly an enemy of the common New Yorker

he openly expresses his love for murderers and the filthy rich exploiters

in February 2019, this man went on to declare:

“I’ll change my name to Amazon Cuomo if that’s what it takes.”

he wanted Amazon to choose New York as its second headquarters

the state had even offered $2.8 billion incentive for choosing New York

the people protested against giving taxpayers’ money to the richest man

Amazon sensed the people’s mood and Jeff Bezos canceled his plan

the victims of unjust system are now toppling Columbus & other statues

Native American activists led by the AIM leader Forcia toppled one too

Mike Forcia expressed the establishment’s argument in these words:

“It’s always ‘you got to wait, there’s a process you got to go through.”

eventually, Forcia and the other activists felt to hell with it

but Cuomo is defending retaining the Columbus statues in a novel way

“I understand that the dialogue has been going on for a number of years.” “The Christopher Columbus statue, in some ways represents the Italian-American legacy in this country and the Italian-American contribution in this country.”

Columbus never lay a foot on the land which forms the United States

he just reached Panama, more than 1,100 miles from the US

besides, there was no such thing as the United States of America then

even if Columbus had reached the land we call the US

why would Cuomo want to link Columbus with Italian contribution?

Columbus was a white European Christian genocidal murderer

Italians, who faced discrimination here have already contributed a lot

Italians can feel proud about themselves without the Columbus legacy

so Cuomo’s argument about “Columbus legacy” is nothing but crap

a facade argument for … what?

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