Is the President dead?


Video/Cryptomaniac101/Mimi Sipendi Ujinga Memes/You Tube

“President Donald Trump is dead”

“I can’t believe. How do you know?

“the White House announced it”

“but it was not in the news”

“the announcement has not been verbal but through an action”

“what kind of action”

“‘the north side [lights] of the White House’ were turned off on May 31”


“lights are ‘turned off when a president dies‘”

“oh my Trump

but hold on, I saw his tweet this morning”

Hades would have allowed him to come out just to tweet

and anyway, he was dead even while he was alive in this world

he didn’t do anything which was beneficial to the common people

mostly, he would be eating cheeseburgers on his bed watching TV

and pocketing lots of money and letting his cronies steal money”

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