The fraud machine at work in Bolivia


The counter-revolution in Bolivia is advancing under the parameters of a U.S.-made hybrid war and with the blessings of the conservative hierarchy of the local Catholic Church. In its current phase, the regime of exception of self-proclaimed President Jeanine AƱez has unleashed an open war against the Movement for Socialism (MAS) of the ousted president Evo Morales, using the law via lawfare as the main vengeful weapon of the coup mongers.

In the short term, the goal of the coup bloc is to dismantle and eliminate the mass movement and the popular-indigenous political forces grouped around the MAS, in order to prevent its return to government in the May 3 elections and consolidate the bloody process of conservative restoration that begun last November.

After the massacres of Sacaba, in the department of Cochabamba department and Senkata  in El Alto, the transitional government delineated from Washington has been reconfiguring the military-police machinery as the mainstay of the social counter-insurgency, using the hegemonic media as main instrument for their psychological war. The commanders of the Bolivian armed forces have been promoting an organizational reformulation of the military institution, in addition to an ideological realignment with the intelligence and national security apparatuses of the United States and Israel, whose most visible expressions are the establishment of anti-terrorist intelligence bodies and preventive anti-subversive militarization and patrol operations in cities and regions of the country.

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