Corporations dictate”family values”


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in the US, discussions on “family values” abound

many definitions now exist on what constitutes a “family”

a “traditional family” in the United States is a nuclear family

i.e., husband, wife, and children

worldwide, though, the norm had been the extended family

family values are principles/ethics families follow and teach kids

they consist of good or bad things or both good & bad things

depending on the outlook and biases of heads of the families

but for the creation of a just society that runs smoothly

and allows all its members to utilize potential to maximum

existence of certain things are very necessary, of course:

  • a 3-day work-week for a total of 20 hours work,
  • pay should permit people to afford all necessities
  • like education, healthcare, shelter, food, clean water
  • nothing should be open after 5 or 6 pm, except emergency services

this will enable people

  • to spend time with their families, friends, relatives
  • have time to read and play,
  • discuss important national/international issues, etc.
  • children will have the love & care of the family members
  • greater number of people will have employment

however, the reality is extremely different and horrifically ugly

  • corporations have grabbed immense power and wealth
  • government and people have become pawns of business
  • the corporate goal is to sell as much as possible to people & government,
  • and make people work more and more hours at lesser pay

they have succeeded in turning people into work slaves and dumb consumers

and turning executive/legislative/judicial branches into their pimps

the work of the pimps is to keep the workers/consumers functioning

and to screw the family values

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