Zelensky declared he loved Trump’s ass, others do too


PHOTO/Cher Twitter/Duck Duck Go

Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union,

told the United States President Donald Trump:

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky “loves your ass

many others love this vast piece of real estate, too

it belongs to a bankrupt/arrogant real estate tycoon

and, presently, the most powerful man on this planet

small countries, and economically linked to US, have to love the ass

of this cruel narcissist racist ignorant idiot

who doesn’t believe in any human, minority, or other rights

and is least bothered about right violations perpetrated by other countries

Brazil’s Bolsanaro, the destroyer of Amazon Rainforest, loves his ass

as Trump doesn’t give a damn to what happens to the earth or its climate

Saudi Arabia‘s MSB, indifferent to Muslims/Palestinians‘ plight, also loves it

because Trump loves Saudi money and the Saudis support Israel

India’s Modi, a fanatic Hindu and enemy of minorities, loves it

as Trump has businesses in India and the Indian lobby’s support in the US

there are many such examples of lovers of his ass …

then there are countries/people who hate Trump’s barbaric/deadly policies

and the devastating economic/financial sanctions & tariffs on their exports

including Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, the Palestinian people, …

they would love to barbecue this giant fleshy area to serve animals/birds

but they cannot because …

even the animals will not touch his stinking/filthy flesh

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