Poor Trump – future seems to be Cayman Islands


PHOTO/USA Today/Duck Duck Go

in January 2016, Trump became the MOST POWERFUL man

since then, he has faced ALMOST CONSTANT UPS AND DOWNS

there was THE Mueller Inquiry on Russia helping him win election

MANY PEOPLE are demanding his tax records

others are asking for his financial documents

now THE impeachment for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden

poor Trump – THE world is not good to simple decent people like him

he has to work real hard to survive and feed his family

he can’t afford to pay taxes in these tough times

Trump has announced he’ll be moving to Florida

which means he’ll leave New York for good

his grandfather Friedrich Trump immigrated from Germany in 1885

since that time, THE Trump family has stayed in New York

but what if New York pursues its case of tax evasion in Florida too

then THE Trump family will have to immigrate to a safe haven,

LIKELY THE Cayman Islands

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