He stole $50.75 – Alabama robbed him of 36 years of his life!


“Alvin Kennard walks out of court in Bessemer, Alabama, August 28, 2019, after he was resentenced to time served after spending 36 years in prison.” PHOTO/ABC News

the United States has never been a just society

it was built on land stolen from Native Americans

they were either killed or put on reservation land

African slaves were bought, humiliated and whipped

to build the US economy

the propertied class whites, many of them slave owners

revolted against another white entity: Britain

the power seized has since resided

with the few white masters

who have controlled the masses

through wars within and without the US

the outside wars are always fought

in the name of “democracy,” “human rights,” …

the inside wars are numerous

against “drugs,” “poverty,” “terrorism,” “communism,” …

the aim is to perpetuate the inequality

and ensure their power is safeguarded;

capitalists could easily steal billions

from the state coffers and people

in the name of developing the economy;

they could indulge in wars, kill thousands

or millions without any repercussions …

but the poor have no such luxury –

they have no power, as we see

22 year-old Alvin Kennard stole $50.75 from a bakery in 1983

no one was injured

previously he had stolen

from a closed service station in 1979

and was then sentenced to 3 year probation

but this time for that fifty dollar mistake

he was ordered to give up his entire life

in prison with no chance of parole …

Kennard was victim of the law:

the Habitual Felony Offender Act

this law only applies to poor desperate people

no such law exists for the rich and powerful

who habitually loot on a grand scale

because then

many US presidents and the rich

would be serving behind bars

but then that would be a just world ….


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