The Monkey found a pen



there’s a Gujarati saying: monkey found a ladder
meaning someone got power which she/he shouldn’t have
this could cause unnecessary problems for many people
and would turn daily life into uncontrollable chaos

on 20th January, last year, that’s what exactly happened
when a monkey won and proved right the peoples’ fear
this was no ordinary ape that people could just ignore
but a greedy/cunning/fool/ …, who wanted to soar high

but then the state of affairs turned calamitously serious
when the monkey found a pen and loved using it to sign
pretend himself a thinker; called himself a “stable genius
whereas in reality is nothing but an unstable moron

disastrous outcomes are an everyday reality
workers’ rights are being reduced or discarded completely
corporations now pay 21% instead of 35% tax
the monkey, with Israel, is targeting Iran for war

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