Mine is bigger than yours!


Cartoon/Peter Schrank/The Guardian

in these agonizing and distressing times
uncountable are the Uni-Power’s crimes
on top of that, its headed by an unstable moron
every one of us is waiting for a salvation dawn

small countries have to take extra care
not to cross path with the Super Power, ne’er
never to trust the United States or its vows
for it will kill them like a butcher kills cows

the destruction of Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya is evident to us
that’s the reason Kim Jong-un is making a nuclear fuss
his nuclear weapons provide some security to his nation
and so he can make fun of the child-president without ration

The US is “within range of our nuclear weapons”, wholly
and a “nuclear button is always on my desk” showily
This is reality, not a threat,” honestly I tell you
“will be used” “if our security is threatened,” shoo

Kim says from his desk the “Nuclear Button” is never far
but “I too have a Nuclear Button,” because I’m the nuclear czar
“but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his,”
also “my Button works!” because I am a “stable genius” and wiz

Trump does have a nuclear “football” which is carried by his aide
and in his pocket a “biscuit” with war initiating codes, the US made
no president should have such dangerous power in his hand
and especially such as Donald Trump, fathead el grand

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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