Theresa May’s flimsy reasons for Syria attack


ILLUSTRATION/Steve Bell/The Guardian

time there was
sun never set on the British empire
time there is
when sun rarely shows up on a tiny island called Britain
Brexit, economic gloom, worries, insecurities, …
Britain now is a weak shadow of her colonial past

Once it was a super power
and the United States was one of its colonies
today the US is a super power
and Britain is kind of a US colony

Theresa May has many problems
solutions are not in sight
but the time-tested trick is always useful
bomb the “enemy” or “evil” country/nation
and make most hawkish elements happy
except hawks who craved more but got less

patriots are happy
media got a little busy
(because it is a little war
just pounding/bombing of Syria)
Trump was also dragged into it
along with France’s Macron

her reasons for the illegal attack were absolute lies
the “chemical attack,” if it really was that
and whether it was the Syrian government who led attack

besides, who the hell is May to decide to punish?
Britain itself is a mass murderer
Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, … are the victims

on the other hand
she sells hundreds of millions of dollars of arms to vicious Saudis
to destroy Yemen and kill Yemenis …

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