State of the world’s bottom 50%


People protest during the 2012 World Economic Forum; it is held every year and comprises mostly of billionaires, corporate CEOs, celebrities, and politicians PHOTO/Barato Muy Barato

China Securities Regulatory Vice Chairman Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai, center, speaks during a panel session with Bloomberg TV’s Tom Keene, left, on the opening day of the World Economic Forum in Davos. PHOTO/Jason Alden/Bloomberg

2017 has ended
but the inequality hasn’t
it has instead increased

every two days there was a new billionaire
billionaires saw their wealth expand by $762 billion
the bottom 50% of population had zero amplification

The World Economic Forum
formed in 1971 with the motto:
“improving the state of the world
is a charade where 2,500 people emerge for a get together
in the snowy Mountains of Switzerland
for introductions, speeches, and interviews
the Forum has nothing whatsoever to do with the mass of humanity

the world has 7.6 billion people
majority of them are in a miserable state
if the Forum wanted to improve their lot

it would meet in the slums of
South Africa or India or Haiti
and would invite the victims of poverty, starvation, unemployment, …
whose plight it pretends to improve

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