Asshole sees “shitholes”


CARTOON/David G. Brown/Los Angeles Sentinel/Morpheus

in Gujarati we say:
“the one who has jaundice sees everything yellow”
same is true of the Asshole
the Asshole sees “shitholes” everywhere

this Asshole’s biggest problem is his oral member
he just can’t control the dick in his piehole
but then we shouldn’t complain about the piehole ejacualtion
as it provides transparency to the Asshole thought process

the Asshole is racist, misogynist, communalist, bigot, anti-LGQBT, …
on January 11, 2017
some Congressmen met to discuss immigration issues
they talked about providing protection to immigrants from
Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries
the Asshole who hates blacks and browns, showed his true white color:

“Why are we having all these people
from shithole countries come here?”

the Asshole’s coconut came to the rescue:

“Certain Washington politicians
choose to fight for foreign countries,
but President Trump will always fight
for the American people.”

the problem with the above defense is
that the Asshole has not done anything concrete for
the “American people” his base – mostly whites

what he does instead, like India’s Modi,
is to satisfy his supporters’ hateful instincts
even the tax cuts would be beneficial to the very rich
and not his poor white backers

this South Asian coconut is working for the Asshole
but forgets that the Asshole likes only white people
the Asshole wants more people from Norway in the US
that is, white Norwegians or people like that
and the coconut is white from inside only
but what matters to the Asshole is the outside pigment

the Asshole likes Norway
but most Norwegians wouldn’t want the Asshole in their country

in the past, the Asshole has called Mexicans “rapists”
has tried to stop Muslims from certain countries coming to the US
has said that Nigerians entering the US
would never “go back to their huts” in Africa
Haitians “all have AIDS”

the United Nations called the Asshole’s comments “racist

the former Mexican president tweeted:

Your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world.”

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