Let’s wash our …


PHOTO/Kobi Gideon/courtesy of Government Press Office/GPO/Handout via Reuters/Newseek

“‘my friend,’ so good to see you”
“feeling is mutual”
“we both are powerful
but are treated like pariahs”
“I am no more a pariah
since February 2014,”
“my mistake, you’re right
since we stole this house in 1948
you’re the first one from your house to visit us
we’re so so happy”
“now I’ll be coming regularly
you know, I’ve visited the Big Brother 4 times
those hugs I give it to the Big Brother
they supply special solace and a solid sense of security”
“I love the current Big Brother
but the previous one, I didn’t give a damn
“my friend, we’re on the beach
so we might as well wash our hands
which have blood stains, so many of them”
“you right
also, we’ve to come clean in front of the press and the world”

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