Daddy,daddy, please gimme a tight hug


PHOTO/Daily Mail

Daddy, I‘m so happy to see you,
this is my second home.
Daddy, please hold me in your arms.
Daddy, please gimme a real tight hug.
Daddy, the world is a very bad place,
nothing seems to be working.

Daddy, you know, I can’t go after people like you,
so I went after the little people to get some money.
86% of the money in circulation, I demonetized,
but I failed to extract black money –
instead, the economy and the people suffered

Farmers are committing suicide in great numbers.
That’s why I stay away from home.
When at home, I try to indulge in yoga.

Daddy, I was planning to become a regional policeman
but that dream is becoming more difficult.
A couple of neighbors are bad, very bad.
The dragon on the northeast is gaining more weight
and the Pureistan on the west refuses to fail totally.

Daddy, the only good thing happening is on the population front as
my goons are killing Muslims for no reason at all.

Daddy, for Ganpati‘s sake
treat me as Ivanka and other siblings
or, at least, pretend such
so I can tell the world:
“You may have lots of things and achievements
but I have my Daddy with me.”

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